Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mauro Veglio Angelo 2005

So what does one do while waiting on Barolos and Barbarescos to mature and soften a little? A good answer is a Langhe Nebbiolo from a lighter vintage.

There was lamb and pasta last night for dinner and there was a longing for Italian wine. The 2005 Mauro Veglio Angelo was rescued from a close-out bin for $13 last winter and now it's time had come. In the glass the wine was the quintessential nebbiolo color, a cross between purple and brick and not overly saturated with color. The nose was all about sweet cherries, dusty earth and violets. The cherries and earth were in full force in the taste and they were balanced by tannin on the side of the tongue and good acid. The wine had its grip on the tongue but never did the tannin overwhelm the fruit. There was a good length of finish that left one waiting on the next sip. A very well made wine and a true bargain for $13. Sadly it was the only one in the close out bin.

The gamy quality of the lamb really matched well with this wine, it was a great interplay of fruit, earth and sweetness. Dessert was more wine and some curls of parmigiano.

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