Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Modest Burgundy

There was a good salmon meal Monday night and two delicious wines. The first was a 2006 William Fevre Fourchaume, Premier Cru Chablis. This wine was discussed previously here and was very good the first time, and it was very good the second time as well. Citrus and minerals and a medium body defined the wine.

The second wine was a 2006 Gerard Raphet Bourgogne. There was no one element that was outstanding about this wine, but everything that was there went together to produce a finished product worth it's $30.

The color was medium, but was a true pinot color. The nose was about sweet cherries, damp earth and a tiny bit of saddle leather. The acid was good and there was just enough tannin to hold things together. The cherries were in full bloom in the taste. The finish was fruity and dry. It was a terrific match with the grilled salmon and an easy wine to sip after the salmon was gone.

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