Monday, September 28, 2009

Cascabel Tipico 2004

Interesting wine over the weekend, much more interesting than when I originally drank a bottle of the same wine several years ago.

The wine was a 2004 Cascabel Tipico from McLaren Vale in Australia. It's a blend of 40 Grenache, 40% Monastrell (Mourvedre) and 20% Shiraz. There was plenty of Grenache in the nose with aromas of strawberries and red cherries predominating, The wine had the body of Mourvedre with its berry like taste and the Shiraz added some tannin, depth and a hint of plums. There was enough acid to carry the wine and enough tannin from the Shiraz to hold everything together. There was a good length of finish with the final bit being just a touch of fruity sweetness.

Nothing was overpowering about the wine, it was just nicely balanced and a good drinking wine. Two years ago my notes tell me that I thought this wine was a little disjointed in that the parts didn't all seem to fit together. Not so this time as the additional bottle age brought everything together. Since it was the last bottle of this wine in the cellar I'll stick with the good thoughts of the second bottle.

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