Friday, December 3, 2010

2008 Handley Gerwurztraminer

I loved the nose on this wine, lychee and ginger sitting on top of tart, dry pineapple and green apple.  There was a whiff or two  of kerosene just to make it interesting, but that dissipated quickly.  Full, rich body to the wine, almost unctuous in its mouth feel.  Lots of tart, crisp acid to balance the big flavors of apple and lychee.  As the meal went along the wine opened a little more and some white flowers jumped into the aroma mix. A hint of quickly fading sweetness at the end brought everything together.

Dinner was leftover turkey pieces quickly reheated in a skillet with an Asian style vinaigrette added at the end to change the flavor profile, soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger juice, rice vinegar and sugar.  The small amount of ginger juice really picked up on that flavor profile in the wine.  Good match.

$9 from a closeout bin  and 13.5% by volume.

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