Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kinkead Ridge Syrah, 2005

No need to beat around the bush here so let's just go for a one word description. How about amazing.

About a month ago when I matched a physical inventory of my wine with the computerized inventory  I found a discrepancy for this wine.  The computer showed that I had one bottle, while the physical inventory proved there was really two bottles.  A delightful problem.  Of the four Kinkead Ridge red varieties the Syrah has usually been my least favorite.  During tastings at the winery and elsewhere I've always liked the Syrah, but it was usually my least favorite of the reds. 

I opened this bottle last night wanting a simple red with a pan seared, small  steak.  What popped out of the bottle and into the glass was anything but simple.  The noses was classic, cold climate Syrah.  It smelled of dark fruit, raw meat, white pepper, and spice. The color was a glorious medium red, and that was the only indication this wasn't a wine from the northern Rhone.  The taste was fruity and spicy with a great depth of pure syrah fruit, wonderful acidity and just enough oak to balance everything.  There was a natural sweetness to the wine that had nothing to do with sugar or over extraction, it was sweet because of perfectly ripe fruit.  The tannins had settled to a supporting role, but they were still evident and gave the wine a great structure.  It was good with the steak, but in this case the steak was almost secondary.  Five years after the vintage this wine was a shining star and a credit to the vineyard and the winemaker.   

My only regret is that I only have one more bottle. Rest assured that the three bottles of the 2008 that I own will not be touched until 2013.  And I know what local market still has a few bottles of the 2008 vintage sitting on the shelf - at least until the weekend.

13% alcohol and $16 on release. 

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