Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Notes

Christmas was nice and quiet, partly by design and partly due to necessity.  The necessity part was because of a fall on the ice on Wednesday that required an emergency room visit to make certain the back of my head was still attached.  Heads and asphalt do not mix.

Christmas Eve was the wine pictured here and in the post below, a 2002 A. Lancelot - Pienne Cuvee' de la Table Ronde Champagne.  There was also a large pile of fresh off the plane oysters.  Wonderful nose on the wine, yeasty with hints of cardamon and warm spices.  Wonderful body and a flavor of ripe apples and pears and the yeasty component all blended together.  Moderate bubbles and it was fun to watch them rise.  The crisp acidity and the oysters were a near perfect match.  The wine chilled in a snow bank in front of the house so we were able to use mother nature to help it along.  Good wine.

12% alcohol and $45

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