Saturday, July 2, 2011

Delicious Riseling

A superb wine with some spicy Chinese food this evening, a 2009 Alfred Merkelbach Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Spätlese from the Mosel.  Bright and cheery aromas of white peach, citrus and crisp melon.  Beautifully clear in the glass.  The taste was magnificent with apple, lime, white peach and a minerality that gave it's own distinct edge.  Wonderful sweetness that was in perfect balance with excellent acidity.  A long, slow finish of sweet apple and a final burst of acid at the very end. 

The food was a chicken breast that was was pan seared and roasted.  While the chicken breast roasted we tossed  some shallots into the pan, along with diced red bell pepper, both snow peas and sugar snap peas, and a chopped up zucchini fresh from the garden.  All of that was stir fried until beginning to color.  The chicken breasts went back into the pan and a hot and sour sauce with about ten ingredients went in with it.  The vegetables were coated and so was the chicken. 

There was a fair amount of heat to the dish but the sweetness in the wine mellowed the fire.  The crispness of the wine refreshed the palate for the next bite of food.  To be perfectly honest the chicken was almost redundant.  The vegetables turned out to be the star. 

Good meal and an excellent wine.  9% alcohol and $21.  There are two more bottles in the cellar. 

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