Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Long Trip?

Thanks to the two resident canines being highly incensed by the hissing sound of the balloon I managed this picture a couple of evenings ago.  It would be quite a long trip and quite a feat to reach that destination, but it does make a decent photograph.

It was also a long trip for last night's wine, a 2007 Michel Schlumberger Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay.  I had enjoyed this wine on its release a little more than a year ago and jumped at the chance to get four more bottles for a decent price during a closeout at the winery.

Unfortunately it was a long trip from California and the wine wasn't up to the task.  Yellow in the glass, a nose of butterscotch and an old and tired taste.  It's seen better days.

$15 and 14% alcohol

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