Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pinot and Salmon

Sunday was a a delicious day and there was a good sized group to celebrated Independence Day that evening. The entree was a nearly seven pound wild Coho salmon fresh from Alaska.   Appetizers and side dishes were way to numerous to mention but it was definitely a Pinot Noir night. 

Two of the better ones that evening were both 2008 pinot noirs from Oregon's Willamette Valley, a Penner Ashe and a Chehalem Three Vineyard. 

Both were full and rich but no where near being overbearing.  The Chehalem came in at 13.1% alcohol and Penner Ashe at 13.4%.  The Chehalem was a little less intense.  Full fruit flavors with woodsy aromas.  Ripe, lush, good acid and great balance.  Wonderful mouth feel and the acid was great at cutting through the richness of the salmon.  $30 and a good buy at that price.

The Penner Ashe was a little bigger and fuller wine with darker flavors and a little more wood to it.  Another year or two in the bottle would be great for this wine.  Still, it did nothing to tarnish the food.

Very nice Frank Family  2008 Napa Valley chardonnay before dinner.  Lime, white peach, and a little melon.  Good acidity.  Nice with some of the appetizers.

Being July 4 eve, there was about a 30 minute fireworks display afterwards.  It was like a competition in this neighborhood to see who get the loudest and highest.  I would have hated to have been trying to land a plane on this evening. 

Sadly, I remembered all the food items that I was bringing, but left the camera at home so I was forced into using the camera in the phone.

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