Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cool Weather Braise

No doubt with the weather, it is now mid-Autumn and the cooler nights make for some good eating and good wines, and a hearty braised beef is warming and rewarding.

I browned a small chuck eye roast with a good amount of marbled fat and tissue in it, then tossed in some carrots,onions, celery,  garlic, canned tomatoes, anchovies and tomato paste,  Thyme and rosemary were in the mix as well as some wine.  The meat braised in a low oven for four hours and then was allowed to cool completely in the pan.  The fat and spent vegetables were removed, the broth thickened slightly and everything was rewarmed for dinner.  Packaged, extra wide egg noodles were the only side dish.

The wine was a 2008 Michele Chiarlo Barbera D'Asti "Le Orme."  Medium red in the glass the wine was earthy in it's aromas.  This was a damp earth as opposed to a dry earth.  Lots of bright cherry flavors with more than enough acidity in the taste, but it was correct here.  Two hours later, while the beef was still cooking, the wine finally opened up and was much more balanced.  By dinner time the wine was really showing well with the fruit and earth equally balanced in both aroma and taste. The medium body and acid cut through the richness in the meat.  Good bottle of wine for a good meal.

13% alcohol and $16.

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