Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kinkead Ridge Riesling 2010

Cool, crisp mornings usually means that Scott the Gordon Setter is frequently busy keeping the local squirrels in good physical condition through an aerobics program he has designed for them.  Not so this morning when the Bella Balloon sailed overhead.  He was otherwise occupied until the barking became too much and he had to come in the house.

Cool, crisp, fresh and primary also describes the 2010 Kinkead Ridge Ohio River Valley Riesling we had with dinner Thursday night.  When this wine was released back in May it had just been bottled and seemed loose and light.  Four months bottle age helped this wine.  Now it is definitely focused and the Riesling flavors are coming to the front.  This wine had a very linear taste - most of the flavor seems to run down the center of the tongue while the sides pick up the acidity.  Very good with two grilled Kurabota pork, rib chops.  One was cooked with minimal seasoning of salt and pepper and the other had some added paprika and once it was flipped on the grill the top was coated with a mango chutney.  Hard to choose between the two chops but the wine was great with both.

$12 and 11.9% alcohol

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Nancy Bentley said...

Yes, it's "knitted together" very nicely we think!