Friday, October 21, 2011

Rabbit and Chablis

One thing I like very much but rarely eat is rabbit.  We solved that problem the other day when a few  "bunnies" showed up at the market.  I divided it into pieces, and tied the loin and flaps together.  They went into a hot pan with some butter, olive oil, and the peeled carrots that was quickly thrown into the oven.  We turned the rabbit pieces after ten minutes and added the garlic, onion, chopped rosemary and lemon thyme.  After ten more minutes we added the leeks and some of the wine for dinner.  All that got another fifteen minutes.  At the end we swirled in one last bit of butter.

The wine for the evening is pictured at the right, a 2009 Joseph Drouhin Chablis, Vaudon.  This is the basic Chablis from Drouhin.

It might be a basic Chablis but it is very good. Bright, green-gold in the glass, the aroma was tart, minerally and not all that fruity.  There was some hint of lemon, but the wine was basically closed up.  We used some in the rabbit, poured a small glass and let the rest breathe until dinner.

By the time we ate the wine was showing signs of tart, green fruits and some citrus.  Highly acidic in a very pleasant way.  It left a wonderful dry, almost chalky feel to the mouth at the very end.  Absolutely delicious with the rabbit.  The butter and oil  in the dish were rich and the citrusy quality of the wine really played well with that.  There was no citrus in the dish save for the citrus quality that the wine imparted.

A very nice match and a very tasty and savory wine at a more than reasonable price. 

12.5% alcohol and $22.

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