Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Donhoff Riesling 2005

Beautiful fall weather here so there was a beautiful wine to celebrate the day.  The wine was a 2005 Donhoff Riesling from the Nahe region. Riesling with a little age on it is nearly always good and this was no exception.

A bit of kerosene at the very beginning, but that quickly blew off  and left a precise and tart nose of lime, peach and a bit of pear skin.  Solid mouth feel and full bodied.  Wonderful flavors of stone fruit with dry and crisp citrus on top of it.  Sweet at the edges but tart at the finish.  Just a wonderful wine to go with some pork cutlets with both a mustard sauce and a an oriental sweet and sour sauce.  Throw in a small salad and a couple slices of crusty bread and it was a great meal.

Very nice to sit outside on the patio under a shade tree and sip this while watching one of the dogs chase squirrels and the other sit next to you in case there were snacks to go with the wine.

9.5% alcohol and $21

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