Monday, February 20, 2012

2001 Brezza Barolo

All things being equal the Rinaldi Barolo discussed below had a major advantage over the other four Barolos.  It was decanted the day before the dinner while the others were opened about an hour or two before the dinner.  That may explain why the only bottle that was completely empty was the Rinaldi.

The 2001 Brezza Barolo had some much sharper edges to it.  It was darker in the middle, but still just beginning to brown at the edges.  There was more weight to it, the tannins were stronger and the wine seemed to have more substance.  The aroma was still closed on this wine but some swirling brought out earth, road tar, a few flowers and dark fruit.  The fruit was deeper and sweeter in taste than the Rinaldi.  The tannins were stronger and a little more gripping as well.

Still, this wine was quite good with the food and as the evening progressed it improved.  The finish was quite lengthy. 

Since there was still some of this wine left two of us got together on the day after to taste the remnants of this wine, and two of the others.  The wine was much more open and showing more traditional Barolo aromas of flowers and earth.  The tannins had leveled off somewhat and the wine was more together.  Good wine but if I had to rate the five it would have been in third place.

13.5% alcohol and an internet average price of $43.

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