Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enzo Boglietti Case Nere 2001

Moving along with the Barolo dinner the next wine was a 2001 Enzo Boglietti Case Nere.  I was very happy to see this wine since I have a bottle  in the cellar. 

Dark wine in the glass with no hint of browning at the edges.  The aroma was very closed with oak being the main thing coming out of the glass.  It took quite a bit of swirling to loosen a bouquet.  Faint traces of fruit and road tar were about all it was giving up.

The taste was strong with good depth and the beginning of black cherry flavors.  Both the oak and grape tannins were strong.  The acid was also high in this wine.

As dinner progressed this wine finally started to open and reveal some good fruit flavors while the tannins began to subside a little.  It was giving hints of some elegance.  the food helped this wine quite a bit.

The second day proved again what an advantage the Rinaldi wine had with its decanting.  The Case Nere had settled down and was balanced, fresh, lively and delicious.  I think I will wait about three more years to open my bottle, and it will definitely get decanted.

14% alcohol and $70

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