Friday, February 17, 2012

Middle Aged Barolo

Bright and very sunny today here for mid February.  There is a large group meal tomorrow featuring a Beef Barolo with fresh, warm polenta and several Barolos.  I'm taking a couple and I know others are bringing more. After doing some internet research on one of the wines I'm taking I decided to decant the wine this afternoon to remove the obviously heavy sediment.  I double decanted the wine, going first into a carafe and then back into the cleaned out bottle. The result is that I nearly had enough sediment to plant seeds.  I added it to the large pot by the front step that spends the spring and summer full of basil.  Can't think of a better fertilizer for basil.

I love the color on this wine.  It is just a perfect picture of a mature Barolo color.  I also fell in love with the intense aroma of this wine.  There was no mistaking the sweet scent of roses and herbs that flowed from this wine. 

Of course once it was decanted I had to sample it to make certain it was up to the group's standards by tasting a small glass.  Should I declare the wine bad and take another bottle to save my friends from a bad experience?  Best not to tempt myself with another glass of wine today that might weaken my willpower.

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