Friday, May 2, 2014

Rhinegeist Cougar

Like many areas in the U.S. this area of southwest Ohio is exploding with craft breweries. Cincinnati is no exception but it is simply reviving its past traditions of German immigrants and beer making. 

One of my favorites is the Rhinegeist Brewery, which translates to ghost of the Rhine.   This is a new brewery and until very recently their beer was only available in the Cincinnati area, though they have now expanded north to Dayton.  It's a fun place to visit. There are two beers available in cans and the rest of their output is kegs only.

My favorite of the two canned beers is Cougar, a blonde ale.  It has some malty sweet notes but on the whole is very citrus like and only 4.8% alcohol.  It's a good  good summer beer with freshness and lightness. It's also rather tasty with clams and crabs.

I also like one of the beers only available at the brewery.  Uncle is a British mild beer with only 3.8% alcohol.  It's has more malt flavors but is still on the lighter side. 

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