Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dolcetto d'Alba

Every summer has to have a place for a Dolcetto d'Alba, especially when there is prime steak involved.  The wine was a Giacomo Borgogno Dolcetto d'Alba from the 2012 vintage.  The wine was somewhat unusual as it was more of a deep ruby color than a deep purple shade.  The nose was full of dark cherries and strawberries and that sense of Italian dirt.  This is a very fruity wine with with lightness and great acid to give that lightness an extra boost.  The tannins are there in proper proportion and give just enough of a sense of drying to keep this wine rolling along.  The finish is deep and sweet but the tannin keeps it in balance.  Great sense of earthiness. 

I don't eat nearly as much beef as I used to eat, but when I do eat a steak it has to be a good one, and with the price of beef skyrocketing it helps to find a sale.  Everything came together last weekend and the the result is pictured below.  Grilled to the rare side of medium rare over coconut shell charcoal it lived up to all of its possibilities.  It also made for leftovers for two more meals.

2012 Giacomo Borgogno & Figli Dolcetto d'Alba.  13.5% alcohol and $20.

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