Friday, July 25, 2014

Saved on Sunday

No, this isn't a religious post.  It's probably a post about nothing, but there is a picture and a story.

There was some forethought put into a late breakfast of French toast on Sunday.  The bread was cut and left out Saturday evening to dry, and the custard mixture full of milk, eggs, cinnamon, mace, and cardamon was mixed together and allowed to sit in the refrigerator overnight.   It all came together on Sunday morning with some fresh, tree ripened peaches added to the plate with a bit of butter and a little maple syrup.  There was also a Bloody Mary prior to breakfast and a second with breakfast. 

Very early Monday morning an e-mail arrived from the local market with news that the peaches I purchased (and ate with the breakfast) were possibly contaminated with listeria bacteria and should not be eaten.  They had been recalled by the grower. 

It's bad enough when it takes four months to get my General Motors vehicle repaired after the ignition system forced a massive recall, it's quite another to have yesterday's breakfast recalled after eating it.

Thanks heaven for the alcohol in the Bloody Marys.  Well, I guess this was a religious post after all.

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