Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ten Years Makes a Difference

I find it difficult to believe the number of rose' wines that are now available in this area. Ten years ago each wine store or grocery outlet might have half a dozen tucked away in the corner but never given any serious space.  Nearly all of them were from France or Spain, and if there was a California rose' it was usually sweet and made from Zinfandel. 

Things have definitely changed so I made a point to count the available rose's at two of my more frequent haunts.  I wasn't prepared for the results.  The first store, wine and liquor only, had just shy of 30 rose's in stock.  The grocery outlet with a great wine department had nearly 50.  There were rose's from all regions of France, from Spain, from Italy, from Chile, and a very strong selection of dry rose's from California and Washington. Prices ranged from near $30 for Tavel rose's to as low as $8 from some other regions of southern France.  U.S. prices were from $10 to $25.  It's a great time to love rose' in this area.

Last night's wine was a 2013 Bieler Pere et Fils rose from Aix en Provence.  The wine is a mixture of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache.  It was full of ripe strawberries and cherries, though the cherry flavors tended to a little darker than most rose's; possibly this was the Cabernet speaking.  Great acid and a sense of dry earth balanced out the fruit.  Light and happy, it was perfect with bay scallops sauteed breifly in butter and olive oil with dill, thyme and chives, lemon juice and zest and finished with some crispy, pancetta cubes. 

Bieler Pere et Fils Sabine Rose'.  13% alcohol and $12.

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