Friday, September 11, 2015


Last of the morning fog on the river

There was a good and early morning walk with the resident canine along the shores of the Great Miami River.  In two days the weather has gone from 90+ degrees to this morning's beautiful 58 degrees thanks to a weather front from Canada coming south.

Great Miami River

There was a celebration of sorts last night with a dry aged, strip steak cooked over hardwood.  Thanks to video cameras in a convenience store the "gentlemen" who vandalized  my car early last week and stole my credit cards were apprehended and charged with felonies.  I still had the expense of having the auto glass replaced, but the charges on my cards were refunded and the arrests gave me some satisfaction.

We opened one of the bottles of the Lowell Marie Merlot (two posts below) that I purchased last weekend.  It's a beautiful wine to transition from the bright and happy rose's of summer to the heartier reds that will come when the weather is much cooler.  It did a wonderful job of washing down the steak. 

The web

I loved the sunlight coming through this spider web this morning.  I wouldn't have seen it if Ms. Birdie had not been chasing a rabbit which ducked around the edge of the woods.  She also managed to chase a few gophers and couple of squirrels.  She got much more exercise than I did. 

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