Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Bloom is off the Rose

The title of this entry is certainly the way Scott feels now that his sister is no longer "in season." He is totally ignoring her and spending most of his time making up for ignoring me for the last ten days. Despite his having lost several pounds it still about 75 pounds of dog when he wants to get in your lap.

Ellie still makes her attempts by wiggling her butt in front of him, but with one sniff he goes back to watching for squirrels or chewing his rawhide. They are still not loose together without supervision but by the weekend things should be fine.

We grilled a small lamb roast last night and it was nice to have "good help" again. Scott helped by guarding the grill and Ellie helped by making sure anything that fell to the kitchen floor was immediately removed from the floor.

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