Friday, March 21, 2008


Spring is finally here and today there is some sunshine. After nearly two feet of snow a week and a half ago we he two warm days to melt the snow, and that was followed by nine inches of rain, then another inch of snow.

Today there is mostly sun and it is bringing out all sorts of animals. The squirrels are getting brave and foolish again, but this time it was Ellie who almost snagged a sluggard who was too busy eating to pay attention to his surroundings.

She was initially chasing a bird that was feeding, but when she turned a corner there sat a happily munching squirrel. But for her brief hesitation it would have been the great nut tree in the sky for the squirrel, but he managed to get to the nearest pine tree.

Scott was still in his crate because the two of them still can't be together because of her heat cycle being mostly "prime." He did condescend to eat some roasted chicken out of my hand today, and he did drink some water when he ventured away from Ellie's crate during one of his loose periods, so perhaps the worst is passed. Ellie's time out of the crate is usually spent relaxing on the bed, looking outside or helping in the kitchen. Scott just lies in front of her crate during his free times.

Fair price on New York strip steaks today, so since it is sunny the grill will be going later.

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