Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Full Bloom

No, spring has not suddenly arrived in Ohio, but none the less something is in full bloom.

That "something" is Ellie. She is in the peak period of her 'heat' cycle and is backing up to your foot if you are nervously tapping it on the floor. Scott, naturally, has only one thing on his mind and this time it isn't squirrels or cats or birds. He is lusting after his sister and "that wonderful perfume" she is now wearing. The food bill for the dogs will be somewhat less for the next week as he pines away.

He will get long walks this coming three day weekend to get his mind onto other things. Ellie is confined to the immediate area lest she draw a crowd, so the rawhide chewy bill will rise to keep her occupied.

As for Scott he definitely reworks an old proverb to read - "In spring a young man's fancy turns to lust; pure, unmitigated lust."

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