Sunday, March 16, 2008


A couple of weeks ago the New York Times tasting panel sampled white wines from the Rueda region of Spain.

It was more than interesting that their top choice of the 20 wines was also the best buy of the group at $9. Equally surprising since southwest Ohio is not the wine center of the universe is that I already owned two of the wines that they recommended. I had purchased the Conclass and a bottle of La Brisas a month or so prior when I was stocking up on every day white wines. Each was $10. The primary grape in each is verdejo. Conclass is 80% verjeho, 10% viura and 10% Sauvignon blanc.

Lemon and honey on the nose and I have to agree with the NY Times, there was a floral quality to the nose. I also got a Riesling-esque hint of kerosene in the nose. It faded quickly , but it was there at the start. The wine had some substance to it and the lemon and fruit came through on the taste. Nice, crisp finish that cut through the simple roasted chicken and rice that we ate with the wine.

The article from the Times can be found here. There is also a multi-media presentation to go along with the article and it's worth checking out. So is the wine - it's very good.

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