Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Delightful Surprise

A little skillet, beef Stroganof this evening and I opened a wine that I purchased about six weeks ago for $15.

Bright purple (it is a 2006 vintage) and full plummy fruit on the nose, but also a few earthy smells. Half the bottle was decanted, but I poured one glass to drink while cooking.

Definite red plums and acid on the taste, along with some cherries, and those earthy aromas combined for a great foundation to put the fruit on. Surprisingly, it had great tannin going for it also.

Very young and fruity, but the things underneath raised it above what I expect from a young Dolcetto. A Beaujolais on steroids? Perhaps. Well balanced to the point that I would never believe it to be a 14.5% wine. The finish was long and fruity and the last of the tannins just refreshed you mouth.

The best news? A quick phone call to the local store and they still had four bottles on the shelf. They can get no more, but I reserved those four bottles.

Bottom line for me - as good a Dolcetto as I've had, and an excellent food wine despite it's high alcohol content.

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