Saturday, April 5, 2008

She Knows

How she knows, I know not, but Ellie definitely knows that the large bowl which sits on top of the upright pie safe in the kitchen and normally holds her rawhide is empty. She and Scott each get a chunk of rawhide after their dinner and it contents them for almost half an hour. The standard procedure is for each to go to the living room and happily munch away until Ellie finishes hers. She then annoys Scott to the point where he gives up and lets her finish his as well.

Last night was no different, except that they received the last two pieces in the bowl. They chewed happily away, then helped me finish some leftover chicken pieces and pasta. As I was finishing the dishes and cleaning the stove Ellie wondered back into the kitchen, parked herself directly in my path and stared at the bowl.

I finished the cleaning and went to the computer room and Ellie came in and nuzzled me, walked back toward the kitchen, stopped and looked at me. When that didn't work she came back for more attention and when she had it she turned and walked toward the kitchen again.

This went on for some time, and any time I went toward the kitchen she went with me and looked at the bowl. Even if the bowl is full and she wants another piece she never uses this routine. When it was time to go outside before going to bed for the night I found her in the kitchen again calmly snoozing in front of the pie safe.

Of course she was devastated this morning when there was no post-breakfast rawhide. Scott is still happy looking for birds and squirrels, but Ellie's entire day is now ruined and her attitude is much like the picture of her above.

So....this morning's schedule has been altered. Stop #1 is now the pet store for rawhide. The pharmacy, the grocery and the fish monger can wait, but the first thing in the car will be rawhide.

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