Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Supper

It was a nice Sunday though the rain moved in at the very end. It's raining now and the next few days promise to be poor.

Nice price Saturday on a free range chicken so it was brined, air dried and coated inside and out with herbs de Provence. Then it was just roasted over indirect heat on the charcoal grill. I don't think there's anything that smells better than a chicken roasting. The neighbors agreed with me. They were bringing in carry-out food for their evening meal and had to walk through the area downwind from the grill.

Both dogs were tired as they both had long walks in the morning. Scott in particular was tired as he had to clear the river bank of way too many Canada geese. His sister had virtually ignored them while trying to get a duck in the river, but Scott doesn't feel the geese belong on the shore. The roasting chicken definitely revived them.

There was some steamed Basmati rice and some sugar snap peas to accompany the chicken and the remains of a Saturday night bottle of 2005 Louis Chavy Mercurey, a modest little burgundy that was a disappointment on Saturday, but redeemed itself with the Sunday chicken.

On Saturday it was all about dirt, tannin and acid as there was almost no fruit to be found. It did have a beautiful and true color for a burgundy, but that was about all that it showed. After being open for 24 hours the fruit was beginning to show a little. Not a great wine by any means, but good and serviceable, though at $20 there are better wines available.

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