Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spanish Eggs for Everyone

That wasn't the intent this morning, but it was certainly result.

The dish consists of small rounds of smoked sausage lightly browned and three slices of tomato (in this case the yellow ones) quickly browned in the same skillet. The tomatoes go in the bottom of a small gratin dish while the sausage rounds line the edges. De-glaze the skillet with a little Sherry, reduce it and pour it over the tomatoes. Add two fresh eggs, sprinkle with white pepper and grating cheese (Pecorino this morning) and bake in a hot oven just until the whites are set.

That is the intended method, but this morning attempt #1 fell to the floor as it was going in the toaster oven.
"To hell with the squirrels - there's great stuff on the floor!"
It shouldn't take long to attribute that quote to the resident canines who did a remarkable job of cleaning the floor. One paper towel and one spray of disinfectant and my job was done.

Attempt #2 actually made it to the table so the entire household is happy this morning.

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