Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring IV

A last few pictures from Sunday morning. All the photos except the one on the bottom right were taken at the Cox Arboretum just south of Dayton, Ohio. The exception was taken at night in my front yard. The tree is just beginning to bloom so there will be a few more pictures of it as its cycle progresses.


Edward said...

Surely the best time of year? Being southern hemishperic, autumn is welcome, but I'm kind of dreading the rain and darkness of winter. I think I have a mild form of seasonal affective disorder, feeling best and brightest in Spring. . .

Great photos.

Dan McGrew said...

It would be hard to choose between mid-April to mid-May and the month of October as to which is my favorite time period, but they would be the only two under consideration. Both have what I like the most, warm (but not hot) sunny days and cool,crisp nights.

I love young white wines in spring and I'm always excited about a cool October evening because after a summer of warm nights it's time for a red 'serious' wine.