Monday, July 28, 2008

Albarino and Oysters

Sunday was a rather lazy day, and a welcome one. Scott got a long run along the river and both he and Ellie spent some time having their hair trimmed.

Dinner was totally simple and delicious. There was a special on oysters at the market so eighteen of them found their way to the grill in the early evening. Along with them came a Legado del Conde 2006 Albarino. All I added was an ear of fresh corn, a couple hard rolls and a butter and lemon juice sauce for the oysters. The butter was a little special since it contained parsley, chives, shallots, garlic, dill, and red onion. It was perfect for dipping the oysters. It's a compound butter that the market makes and sells and it just seemed the thing for the oysters.

The Albarino was tart, crisp and totally refreshing. The label looked refreshing and that's exactly what the wine was. Albarino continues to be a wonderful summer wine and a great wine with seafood. A dipped oyster and a sip of wine, and that procedure was repeated over and over until the oysters were gone. They were a perfect compliment to each other. The rest of the sauce, with some of the wonderful oyster juices now in it was great for dipping the remainder of the hard rolls. Bread and wine was never so good.

The only down side was the slick, green, synthetic cork in the wine bottle fought a battle with the cork screw. Once I got the cork out it was so slick it took a pliers to grasp it firmly enough to force it to give up the corkscrew. The wine would have been better served with a screw cap.

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