Friday, July 18, 2008

Too Much Barking

It's finally very hot and humid and that means it's summer here in Ohio. That also means that the windows are closed and air conditioner is running. That didn't stop a fit of barking this evening from Ellie and Scott. They were at the front door and barking when I went to look and saw nothing.

As soon as I was back in the kitchen they started again. I went back to the front door and saw nothing. They were "properly castigated" and I returned to the kitchen only to have them start again.

This went on for more than several minutes until the barking changed to a loud howl!

I live near a medical center that has a large field and this time I looked across the street and a large, hot air balloon was rising above the roof of the main building and heading directly toward us. The dogs don't like the hissing sound that the burner on balloons make and that was no doubt the cause of the barking. They knew before there was any visual evidence what was going on - and they were not happy.

Things finally settled down and I was able to get back to a bottle of 2007 Cline Viogner. Fruity and floral and just barely off dry it is a very good bottle of wine for $10. It carries only a 'California' appellation but it is what it intends to be, just a refreshing little bottle of wine to drink. It's correct enough that it hints at more expensive bottles and makes me think of a Condrieu. Good chilled and good as it comes to cool room temperature. I can't recall ever having had a wine from Cline that I didn't like.

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