Saturday, July 12, 2008

Roda I and the Big Event

The Big Event is a "gang of eight" affair this afternoon. Eight of us are each bringing opening a "bottle of our best" to share. Everyone is also bringing an appetizer to go with the wine. The event was actually scheduled for April but too many of the group had scheduling problems.

I've had this bottle in the cellar for a couple of years and decided it was time after being reminded of how good Roda wines are by another wine blogger. This wine is 100% Temperanillo from Rioja. I tasted it before buying two bottles several years ago for less than $50 and thought it needed at least a couple of years. So today it is time to try one of the two. Some internet research revealed a $70+ replacement cost so I now have a quality - price ratio to determine after tasting it today.

My appetizer? Some sliced Serano ham and some grilled baby back ribs with Spanish seasoning.

I do know what one of the other bottles at the event will be, a 2002 Opus One. One of the folks is very big fan of Australian Shiraz so I expect one of those as well. Two are big fans of California cabernet so I suspect we will see two of those. My guess is that every wine will be red, though even I toyed with taking a white, a 2005 Chateau Carbonnieux.

Fortunately the Ohio weather is cooperating today. It's pouring rain at the moment but the temperature is only in the mid 70 degree range.

Notes and details late tonight or early tomorrow morning.


Edward said...


I'm envious.
I love these sort of things, to paraphrase to local radio personalities (Roy and HG) where too much food and too much wine is barely enough!

Look forward to the wrap up.

Dan McGrew said...

I agree with your local guys.

It was a very interesting tasting and plans are already underway for another session in November.