Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning and a poinsettia for the day.

Yesterday's ice storm melted overnight as temperatures are on their way to the mid 50 degree range with lots of rain expected before plunging to the low 20's tonight. Lot's of rapid storm fronts moving through from various directions are making life interesting here.
There will be sparkling wine and appetizers tonight
for dinner and celebrations with friends and family tomorrow.

At the left is a last reminder of Ellie from this year's holiday card. The picture was taken and the card in the works before her untimely death in November.

To each of you who read this blog, and some have become regulars, I wish you the merriest of holidays and lots of good wine and food in the year to come, and as the tag line on the holiday card said, "Tidings of comfort and joy.".

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