Monday, December 29, 2008

The Way to a Dog's Heart

Coming down from almost a week of great meals, last night was pretty simple. It was just a pan seared pork rib chop with a small amount of pan sauce served with mashed Yukon gold potatoes. As I was stirring the milk into the potatoes I reached in the refrigerator and pulled out the small bottle of white truffle oil that hides in the rear. I added a couple of drops to the potatoes and stirred it in.

In the process I created a small monster as Scott showed up in the kitchen with his nose working overtime. Normally he watches birds while I cook because Ellie was always the assistant chef. His rather large nosed was definitely focused on the potatoes and he went so far as to butt me with his head and look at the pan on the stove.

After putting a serving on my plate I gave him a small finger full. He followed me to the table and stood staring at me the entire time I was eating. He got another spoonful at the end of the meal and then I mixed a little more into his dog food. Since Ellie died he's a somewhat picky eater but last night he not only ate immediately he spent a couple of minutes licking the bowl clean before going back to the stove and begging for more. After I put the leftovers in the refrigerator I half expected him to stand there and guard it.

He loves leftover stuffing mixed in with his dog food, but I think he would have ignored that meal if there were some truffled potatoes sitting beside it. He got another spoonful in his food this morning and the results were the same. Perhaps he and I need a trip to Italy to search for our own truffles?

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