Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recession Riesling

Now that it is officially a "recession" I'll be doing my part by economizing on wines. To that end I stumbled across another inexpensive German Riesling. The local, 'somewhat upscale' market had a policy that they didn't really deal with wines less than $10. That policy has now changed as there is a busy corner of the wine department with an under $10 section.

We discussed one of these wines below with the Wilhelm Bergmann Kabinett. The 2006 Leonard Kreusch Johannisberg Riesling at $9 is another.

The nose is loaded with green apples, not totally ripe pears and citrus. There is a hint of some minerals as well. The taste is mostly lime and pears. It's off dry at 10.5% alcohol but was excellent with a small piece of halibut dusted with chipotle chili powder and pan roasted. The heat from the chili powder played nicely with the subtle sweetness in the wine and the sweetness in the fish matched with the acidity in the wine. This is simply a Rheingau wine from the area around the Johannisberg Bereich. There's no need to wait on it or hold it, there's only a need to open it (screw cap) and enjoy it.

This makes four Rieslings in the last two weeks tasted here that have been under $15 and ranged from very, very good to merely quite good. Just because there's a recession there's no need not to enjoy oneself and there's a lot of enjoyment in these wines.

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