Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas +1

What a miserable day weather-wise here yesterday. The temperatures started going up and then the fog settled in for the entire day. There were thunderstorms mixed in with the fog and the wind kept changing directions. Visibility at times was close to ten or fifteen feet. I definitely could not see across the road.

Dinner for three was here and we started with some fresh scallops, chopped and mixed with a little shallot before being sauteed and sprinkled with dill. When that mixture cooled it was mixed with some mayonnaise and grated Gruyere cheese. That mixture was spooned on to small toast rounds and the entire thing was popped under the broiler until the scallops warmed and the cheese and mayo bound things together.

There was a Burgans 2007 Albarino to wash down the appetizer. Sharp and crisp and almost smelling of the sea it was great with the food.

Dinner was a dry aged, standing rib roast of beef, slow cooked to medium rare. With the beef there was a small salad and a side dish of red wine risotto. The wine was a 1995 Fontodi Chianti Classico Riserva Vigna del Sorbo. Since it was thirteen years out from the vintage we opted not to decant the wine, but poured straight from the bottle.

The nose was about about fresh and dried cherries and warm earth and herbs. We discussed this nose for a few minutes and finally decided that we were actually getting a hint of fresh sage. The taste was all about those tart cherries and the sage with just a tiny hint of oak and chocolate on the finish. Great acidity in the wine made for a great match with the fattiness of the beef. The finish was lengthy and left you wanting another sip or two. Excellent wine and a great match with the beef and risotto.

There was a small glass left for two of us after dinner and the wine continued to evolve in the glass and by the last sip we decided there were some cranberries mixed in with the cherries. The only down side to the wine is that it was the last bottle in the cellar.

This morning the fog has lifted and we are headed to 70 degrees, a rare treat at this time of year. The windows are all open and there is fresh air blowing through the house. Scott managed to get some of the edges and fat from the prime rib mixed in with his dog food this morning so he is happy also. Life is good.

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