Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kinkead Ridge Friday Night

The wine of choice for last night was a local wine, a 2005 Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon.

There was a really nice bouquet when the cork came out with dark fruits and sweet oak. The color was medium dark and after a few swirls and a sip there were definitely some cassis and black cherries and just a hint of tobacco. A little more swirling and the tobacco faded. This was the first time for this wine other than tasting it at the winery when it was purchased on release. It has settled and matured nicely in the bottle into an extremely drinkable wine. There is nice acid, and there's a tremendous balance between the fruit and the oak. It's a sweet oak taste with soft tannins that sort of envelop your tongue. There's enough in this wine to last a few more years, but it is excellent right now.

There was a small, pan seared fillet mignon with a sauce made from the wine, a little Dijon mustard and some beef stock. All that was reduced and then finished with a little butter. We added a side of pasta with the last of some pesto for the rest of the meal.

For dessert there were two biscotti, covered with dark chocolate on one side. These were dipped in the last of the wine and with the fruit in the wine it made for the world's best chocolate covered cherry taste.

The photo is Cabernet Sauvignon grapes growing at the Kinkead Ridge vineyard in September of 2008.

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