Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sole Food

Home early last night so that extended the weekend cooking for another night. We purchased some fresh, lemon sole over the weekend and it needed to be cooked. The photo above is the result.

Sole is easy to cook, but due to its very thin nature it's also easy to ruin. The fish was dusted lightly with flour and salt then sauteed for one minute (30 seconds per side) in a medium hot pan in butter and olive oil. Once the fish was out of the pan a handful of pre-toasted pine nuts was added, then a little white wine and parsley. As soon as the wine reduced (another 30 seconds) a small knob of butter and some lemon juice were swirled in and the entire contents poured over the fish. White Basmati rice and a salad completed the meal.

The wine was interesting. It was a 2006 Chateau de Cailac, a white Graves. The wine was 80% sauvignon blanc and 20% semillon. Definite oak in the nose along with some fig aromas and some herbs and grass. On the taste the fruit was full and round and the figs weren't as strong as in the nose. The oak added a vanilla aspect, but the acid and tartness of the sauvignon blanc balanced everything out.

White Graves has become so expensive in the U.S. market that I don't buy it often, and this bottle was a loss leader out of a store in New Jersey. Very nice wine for the price of $15.

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