Sunday, February 1, 2009

Picpoul in the Snow

A long, long week (the end of a fiscal year) ended yesterday evening. Too many hours working meant little food and no wine. That changed about 8:00 PM last night when we opened a bottle of Picpoul de Pinet that spent about half an hour chilling in a snowdrift. This southern France wine is made from the Picpoul Blanc grape.

Bright and clear color of green gold and a definite lemon and mineral bouquet to it. The flavor was sharp and tart and very lemony from start through the finish. The wine was refreshing and at 12.5% alcohol just the thing to recover from too many hours working. The photo is the empty bottle sitting back out in the snow. The bottle is now in the trash as Scott ventured by just after the photo was taken an "anointed" it in his most usual way.

Speaking of the snow - the great thaw is making a guest appearance today as temperatures are to be in the low 40 degree range without a cloud in the sky. The sun is warm enough that a couple of windows were opened for a short time to allow fresh air to blow through. Back to cold weather tonight and more snow tomorrow and Tuesday. Also, here's the roof line of the local medical center with the sunlight shining, as opposed to the post below with the gray clouds occupying the sky.

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