Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spanish Night

Home early today so that meant there was time to cook in the middle of the week. Somehow it all turned out to be Spanish.

Dinner was garlic shrimp served over rice. Olive oil was heated in a large skillet and four, minced cloves of garlic were added along with a dried, chopped pasilla pepper. The shrimp and Spanish smoked paprika were quickly added and flash cooked. White wine was added soon there after and then a tablespoon of butter. The pan was shaken to mix the wine and butter. A handful of chopped parsley was tossed in and the entire thing was then poured over a mound of rice in the center of the plate. A squeeze of lemon juice dinner was served.

The wine was a 2007 Laxas Rias Baixas, and a quarter cup of it was used in the cooking. Tart, sharp, lemony and minerally, it was a perfect match for the shrimp and rice. The shrimp were definitely spicy without being 'hot" spicy. They reeked of garlic and what sauce was left was mopped up with some crusty bread. It had the "Scott" seal of approval since he stood near the table eating crusts of bread dipped in the sauce. The tail was in constant motion.

After dinner was just as good. There were some olives and smoked almonds and a little Spanish goat cheese. The after dinner wine, pictured above, was a Barbadillo Amontillado Sherry. Medium brown and nutty, it was just a delicious drink to finish off the evening. A sip was wonderful with a little acid, some preserved lemons, a little nuttiness and just the right amount of oxidation to bring it all together. Sherry is definitely an under appreciated wine.

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