Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nice Dolcetto

There's a lot to like about a fresh Dolcetto and the 2007 Mauro Veglio is a prime example. Dark purple in the glass the nose was all about blueberries, a bit of dark plums and maybe a violet or two. The taste was the fruit in full with soft tannins and just a hint of black pepper at the very end. That finish reminded me of what California Zinfandel used to be before the "over the top" crowd pumped it up to something less than it was by making it much more than it should be. Dolcetto is a low acid wine and this one was no exception, but combined with the tannin, the fruit and the medium weight it all went together quite well.

The weather was great so there was a grilled veal chop, some fresh pasta with pesto and a small salad. Nice meal, nice wine.

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