Saturday, October 23, 2010

2009 Spreitzer 101

Beautiful day here yesterday, the kind of day that makes living in this area worthwhile. Brilliantly sunny, temperatures in the mid 60 degrees range, light wind and absolutely nothing to do except enjoy it.

The first of the 2009 German Rieslings arrived in the local area so a trip to the market became a shopping excursion.  Several came home with me, one in multiple bottles and the remainder in single bottles.  I'll be trying the single bottle purchases soon to see which ones to repurchase and store.

A favorite of mine was there in a new form.    Spreitzer has introduced Riesling 101 to the market.  It's basic, Rheingau Riesling as opposed to individual villages and / or vineyards.   At $15 it was worth trying first.  Totally clear in the glass, the color was the palest gold.  The nose was lime and lemon zest, a tiny hint of melon and some tart apple.  The taste brought all those flavors together along with a drop or two of honey.  Wonderful feeling in the mouth with the acid in this wine.  Sharp and tart finish where the honey came to the fore before being trumped by the acidity and ending on the dry side.  This wine certainly matched the weather - sunny, light and breezy. 

There was some stir-fried chicken with green beans, onions and mushrooms and a lightly spicy sauce. The pairing with the Spreitzer was great.    $15 and 10% alcohol.

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