Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not So Daffy Duck

Even though the wine involved in this meal, a 2008 Gianfranco Alessandri Dolcetto d'Alba, was disappointing in context the meal was still good.

The duck breast was dusted with salt, pepper and ground allspice then slowly pan seared on the skin side to render out the fat.  When that was complete the breast was flipped and very quickly seared on the flesh side before going into a hot oven for five minutes to firm the center. 

It was allowed to rest under foil while the pan was deglazed with a little wine, some juice from the pomegranate and a little agave nectar.  When that was reduced the pomegranate seeds were added and the sauce was spooned over the breast.  Lots of big flavors.

The wild rice was cooked with a few dried porcini mushrooms in the stock, then layered into a mold with toasted, hickory nuts scattered between the layers of rice.    Earthy, clean and delicious.

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