Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cotes du Rhone and Rain

Tuesday was interesting here. After three near record dry months with little or no rain the skies opened up for an hour or so, then slowed and blessed us with about another two hours of gentle rain. The wind gusts of 55mph weren't exactly pleasant, but all the dry, fallen leaves from in front of the house now reside down the street where that wind blew them. Certainly a labor saving device.

There was a simple shrimp and pasta dish with some herbs de Provence in the seasoning so we opted for Guigal's basic, white Cotes du Rhone. Viognier, Marsanne, Roussane, Grenache blanc and Bourboulenc are all in the blend. The white flower and peach smell of the viognier seemed to dominate but there was certainly body from the Marsanne and Roussane. The high acid from the Grenache blanc and Bourboulenc added their parts. The taste was virtually the same, uncomplicated, fresh, but with enough body to match up with the mood of the day. $12 and 13.5% alcohol.

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