Sunday, October 10, 2010


Summer has returned with a vengeance with record high temperatures for the last two days.  Fortunately it does cool off at night and the humidity is very low.  Still, that he means summer food and wine.  Since the meal involved oysters on the half shell the wine became a 2008 Andre-Michel Bregeon Muscadet, Sevre et Maine Sur Lie. 

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away a local wine store made a tremendous purchase of Muscadet.  The price was $1.99 per bottle, but since I bought two cases there was a ten percent discount so those two cases cost slightly less than $43.  It wasn't great, but I learned to like it and I've liked Muscadet since then.

This particular wine was a Kermit Lynch Selection so one knew it was good.  Almost colorless in the glass the most notable feature was the ever so slight effervescence; a few tiny bubbles working toward the surface.  The nose was virtually fruitless, but smelled of rocks, gravel, oyster shells and the sea.  Bone dry in the mouth the wine tasted much as it smelled, sharp, tart, chalky and delicious.  There was a tiny hint of green sea grass.  Great acidity on the finish. 

The oyster had only a light grind of pepper for a dressing and along with the wine it was all they needed.  Just a super pairing.

The main course was a shrimp and carrot risotto, and some of the Muscadet found its way into the risotto.   Another good dish and the wine was very good here as well, though considering the match with the oysters it suffered a little with the risotto.   

$13 and 12% alcohol.

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