Thursday, April 21, 2011

2009 Chapoutier Belleruche Blanc

A few posts down from this one you will see a review of the 2008 M. Chapoutier Belleruche Cotes du Rhone, a great red wine on sale in the local market for $10. Also on sale is the Belleruche Blanc and it is just as tasty as the red.

Mostly Grenache Blanc the wine is sharp, crisp, tangy and yet has some body to it.  Very pale color and a light taste that just plays with the tongue.  Lemon zest, tart green grapes and maybe a touch or two of green melon are the primary flavors.  The acid is great and keeps everything happy and alert.

There was a risotto for dinner that included some shrimp and some scallops and some saffron and some fresh tarragon from the garden.  The whole thing was cooked in a light shrimp broth.  No butter, no cheese, nothing to distract from the primary flavors.  A great dish with the wine.

13.5% alcohol and $10.  Time to stock up.

And before I forget, there's a rose' in this line for the same price.  

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