Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Domaine du Puojol 2009 Rose

There is at least one good thing happening at the local wine markets in the last two weeks. In order to make room for just arriving 2010 rose's they are offering steep discounts on the bottles remaining from the 2009 vintage. They are perfectly good and if one tried them last spring and summer when they were fresh, and if one like them, then there are some truly good bargains out there.

I brought home two bottles of Domaine du Poujol, Coteaux du Languedoc and for dinner that night we opened one of them.  Tart, prickly, floral, fruity, dry - all good words that described the wine.  The strawberries and cherries were on the dry side, but fully ripe and glowing.   The acid was crisp and there was just a touch of tannin.  Every sip just made one want another sip.  Good stuff.

The meal was Italian rather than southern France.  There was s thick slice of porchetta done on the grill.  A loin of pork was smothered with pesto and then a section of pork belly wrapped tightly around the loin.  The whole thing was tied up with butchers twine and then sold in slabs.  There was also a big pot of polenta infused with some of the first few sage leaves of the spring, a dose of black truffle salt and some Pecorino Romano cheese and butter.    I certainly had no complaints.

 12.5% alcohol and $10 a bottle - down from $17.

The wine bottle and the slice of porchetta on the grill follow by clicking on "read more".

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