Sunday, April 3, 2011

2007 Fleurie

A few weeks ago we opened a Henry Fessy 2007 Morgon and talked about it here.  When I purchased that bottle I also brought home the 2007 Henry Fessy Fleurie.  Last week we opened that bottle.

The fruit and flowers that I liked in the Morgon were even more evident in this Fleurie.  They just gushed from the glass and smelled like spring.  The taste was all about cherries and ripe table grapes and a strawberry or two floating by on the wind.  Medium body and the fruit flavors just sort danced around the supporting acid and tannin.  Well balanced wine that just kept on getting better. 

As opposed to the Morgon, which turned a little more serious with some breathing time, the Fleurie just stayed happy and light.  A wine to make one smile through dinner and it was good stuff with a couple of pan roasted lamb chops.  I went back to the store and picked up their last two bottles of this wine.

13% alcohol and $10.

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