Saturday, April 16, 2011

Michel-Schlumberger Coteaux Sauvages 2007

The second wine in the April shipment from Michel-Schlumberger was the 2007 Coteaux Sauvages, a premium Rhone blend from the Dry Creek Valley.  The blend is 99% co fermented Syrah and Viognier and 1% Petite Syrah added for the lengthy aging process.

Very dark, purple wine in the glass.  Strong nose of black berries and plums and perhaps a little blueberry.  There was some vanilla and cinnamon in the nose as well as a touch of earth.  Full flavored with the dark berries being prominent.  Not only is the wine young, but it certainly tastes that way.  Mouth coating flavor supported by some acid and good tannin.  There was just a touch of heat on the finish. 

The wine needs a couple of years aging in the bottle (and the second bottle will get that) before it's truly ready for a braised lamb dish. 

14.9% alcohol - which makes one understand the slight heat on the finish and $60.

The golf ball with a flamingo on it is a new addition to the avian collection.

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